TSBC Lead Generators

Turn your website visitors into clients, with our Lead Generators – automated email business courses that prospects sign up to receive from your website.

How Lead Generators work

Engage with your website visitors and help them build better businesses

Add form to your site

Our easy to use form embeds inside your site

Capture leads

Gather contact details from your website visitors

Nurture leads

Provide valuable help and advice through our email courses

Convert leads

Follow up with bank offers and promotions

The proof behind TSBC Lead Generators


Are not ready to engage.

Most website visitors won’t contact you

Around 96%* of people who visit a bank website site are not ready to engage, with the majority going straight to online bankingMany are not interested in new products or services, or if they are, they but are in the research phase. If you let them leave without collecting their details, it’s unlikely they will ever come back.  SBR Lead Generators capture the email addresses of your website visitors by giving away valuable content. This means you can continue a relationship with them after they’ve left your site.

*Source: KISSmetrics


Will not purchase for at least three months.

Your sales cycle is long

Research shows that 63% of people requesting information from service based businesses will not purchase for at least three months – and 20% will take more than 12 months to buy*. For banks this can be even longer because of the perceived pain in switching providers. This makes business owners hesitate, often for months or even years, even if they’re not happy with their current provider. The key to converting the leads is maintaining a positive relationship. SBR Lead Generators will nurture your leads for as long as it takes. We’ll go on sending your leads useful information until they’re ready to engage you.

*Source: Marketing Donut


Automation can increase revenue by 10%.

Automation is key to marketing success

Consistency is crucial to marketing and what gets automated, gets done. The SBR Lead Generators are 100% automated – although the emails come from you, we do all of the sending. Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months*.

*Source: Gartner Research


Is the average return for every dollar invested.

Email outperforms all online marketing

Email marketing has an average return on investment of $38 for each $1 spent. That’s almost twice the ROI of search and three to four times that of social media. Not only are SBR Lead Generators a form of email marketing, they help you build a database of targeted leads to send further emails.

*Source: Direct Marketing Association’s National Client Email Report>

Choose your lead generator

We have eight TSBC Lead Generator topics.

Choose one and test the results, or offer all of them (rotate a different topic each month or list as many as you like).

7 steps to:

Building a great business plan

Starting up a business successfully

Increasing profit and cash flow

Investigating an export market

Raising capital

Paying less tax

Growing and expanding

Identifying critical KPIs

Here is how they work

  • We provide code that you add to your website, which creates a promotional box for prospects to add their email address to enroll in a business course (lead capture)
  • They then receive a series of automated emails, one per week, on a specific business topic, for the duration of the course of seven weeks (lead nurture)
  • At each stage there are calls to action to contact you, and you can export lead data whenever you want to follow up in a separate campaign (lead conversion)
  • Once the course is finished, they continue to receive a monthly email written by our team of business experts, on the course topic, with your contact details
  • This continues until the lead becomes a client or chooses to stop receiving emails from you by a simple ‘unsubscribe’
  • Every email is sent from your email address, features your branding and your contact details
  • There is an iPad app to signup up prospects when staff are visiting customers
  • The email course is completely auto generated; there is nothing for you to deliver once the campaign is set up

We use industry leading software to deliver and manage the campaign which provides detailed reporting on who has opened and clicked on the emails.

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